Friday, November 21, 2014

CSA Newsletter for November 21, 2014

Farm Update

I've been making lots of handmade Christmas cards,
so if you are interested in getting someone a CSA
share as a gift this holiday season, I'll send you one
of these cute cards to give them! 
Hi everyone!  The farm certainly looks pretty different from what it did last time I sat down to write a CSA newsletter!  Everything is covered with a few inches of snow, and our harvest season ended pretty abruptly when all the veggies froze overnight.  We were still harvesting some carrots before everything froze, and we are hoping that when things thaw out this weekend, we'll be able to get some more of them out of the ground.  Right now is the time of year when we relax a little, reconnect with family, and start planning for next year.  We are signing people up for the 2015 season, so if you are interested in joining again next summer but haven't done it yet, let me know and I'll put you on the list!  Also, if you are looking for an awesome Christmas gift to get someone special in your life, consider getting them a CSA share.  I'm making a bunch of handmade Christmas cards, so if you sign someone up for a gift share, I'll send you a special card to give them along with their share.  Although we won't see most of you until June, we wish you a happy, healthy, and fun holiday season!

Nothing New Under the Sun

The blueberries are under a few inches of snow,
but pretty soon we will start pruning them for next year.
It has been said that there is nothing new under the sun, and I am reminded of that every November as we settle in for the winter.  It is what pretty much every farmer has done pretty much every year since the beginning of agriculture, and I love being part of such a long and humble tradition of taking stock of the year and giving thanks for another successful harvest season over and done.  And like all of the farmers of the past and present, we are thankful for many of the same things; that we were able to effectively weather whatever droughts, storms, bugs, weeds, pests, and high winds the year sent us, and that we were able to put delicious and healthy food on our table, and the tables of our friends, neighbors, and customers throughout the growing season.  And we are thankful for the opportunity to do it again next year, and again after that, and again after that.  And like the small farmers of the past, we are thankful also for the community of people around us that make it possible for us to do what we do.  For all of the CSA members who put their faith in us every year and give us the financial jump start to buy seed and all the other things farms need each year.  For all the family who watch our kids while we're at the farm all summer, and all the friends who understand that they probably won't see us for a few months, and all the neighbors who turn a blind eye when we haven't had time to mow our lawn since May, and all the local restaurants and stores who care enough about organic and local food to buy it from small farms instead of huge distributors.  We are so thankful for all the people around us who come together to make this thing possible, and for the opportunity to serve this community in our own small way.